Based on the book  In God We Trust, in All Others We Pay Cash

Based on the book In God We Trust, in All Others We Pay Cash

Ralph (adult) Tyesen Rogers

 Ralphie Parker David Loewen

 Mother Katherine Maitre

The Old Man Seth Ladd

Randy Paola Rivera

Miss Shields Chloe Heard 

Flick Eilee Strobel

Schwartz Ethan Fierro

Esther Jane Laurel Holden

Helen Jaylin Cole

Scut Farkas Ava Lucido

Tree Lot Owner/Delivery Man/Neighbor Emily Harley

Santa Raymond Farmer

Radio Voice Tyler Terrell

 Desperados/Scut’s toadies Mia Christopherson & Raymond Farmer


Mia Christopherson, Tristan DiRedo, Raymond Farmer, Emily Harley, Kendall Johnson,

J’lyne Montejano, Austin Osuna, Josh Perales, Tyler Terrell

 Crew Management List

Stage Manager                                                               Isaiah Lopez

BackStage Manager                                                        Alexey Mazon

Properties Manager                                                        Leslie Aguilar & Jaquelin Mejia

Costume Manager                                                 Liliana Altamirano & Nyah Cornacchia 


December 5, 6, 7,

12, 13, 14 & 15

7PM Central East Performing Arts Center

Play adapted by Philip Grecian

Produced by arrangement with Dramatic Publishing

Directed by Sarah Pullen-Harris

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